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 (stĕp′făm′ə-lē, -făm′lē)
n. pl. step·fam·i·lies
A family with one or more stepchildren.


(ˈstɛpˌfæmɪlɪ; ˈstɛpˌfæmlɪ)
n, pl -lies
a family created by a second union in which there are stepchildren or step-parents


(ˈstɛpˌfæm ə li, -ˌfæm li)

n., pl. -lies.
a family composed of a parent, a stepparent, and a child or children by a previous marriage.
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The children's mother, Helen Atieno, had gone to church and left them in the care of their step mother and grandfather.
Asghar Sianch murdered his step mother, Lateefan Khatoon, 35, and Zahoor alias Zubair Sianch, 38, with repeater in the wee hours of today in Sianch Muhalla of the town.
While thousands years old Pashto language has been treated as a step mother by the rulers of Pakistan, Mian Iftikhar regretted.
Lahore -- A girl was strangled to death by step mother while her brother sustained injuries being stabbed with dagger over property dispute in Shalimar area of Lahore.
He was speaking to a joining program of Malik Waqar Khan Nazim of Gojar Ghar union into ANP said that PTI has step mother behavior with the district of Mardan and has completely failed in Mardan by initiating any mega project in the area.
239-RB got infuriated when his step mother Memona Zahid exchanged harsh words with him over some domestic dispute.
com/exclusives/2014/02/bruce-jenner-sons-admit-identity-crisis/) Radar Online , and added that they blame their step mother for these changes.
BBC1's Midlands Today presenter Joanne Malin won boos and hisses as she excelled as Snow White's evil step mother Queen Evelyne and won cheers for her tap dancing.
It is revealed that when the barbershop went into foreclosure, Oprah's trust purchased it and deeded it to her father and his business partner, leaving her step mother in the cold.
Police investigating the case and officials at the Interior Ministry believe the four-year-old sustained severe bruising and third party inflicted burns, at the hands of her step mother, Fathia Al-Jubahi and her father Salim Mohammed Al-Jubahi.
In Kumily in Idukki district, a five-year-old boy is fighting for his life after extended and extreme torture by his father Sherif and step mother Aleesha.
SIR - Thirty-six years ago when I was 14, I heard my father slap my step mother hard across the face.