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Noun1.Stephen Hawking - English theoretical physicist (born in 1942)
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T BRIEF HISTORY: | |Eddie Redmayne as Stephen Hawking The Theory of Everything Stephen Hawking is one of the towering figures of our time, a brilliant scientist and best selling author but it's the dignified way he has lived with motor neurone disease that has made him so widely revered and admired by the public.
In comparison, the book A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking (inset) would require the reader to have undergone a modest 11.
And tonight it tackles a subject that even Stephen Hawking has difficulty explaining to the layman.
Although Godel's idea has been largely disregarded, Stephen Hawking has attempted to disprove it through his "chronology-protection conjecture.
The station, once known for its Friday night smutty movies and its nude gameshow Naked Jungle, will feature many of the world's best-known scientific minds, including Professor Stephen Hawking, Baroness Susan Greenfield and Professor Richard Dawkins.
com/hothouse-earth-other-predictions-stephen-hawking-who-blasts-trumps-climate-policy-2560709) Hothouse Earth, Other Predictions By Stephen Hawking Who Blasts Trump's Climate Policy
Stephen Hawking said it will create a black hole into which the UK will disappear, never to be heard of again.
But playing Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything, out today, has changed well.
STELLAR scientist Professor Stephen HawKing has spoKen out in favour of assisted suicide for people with terminal diseases.
STEPHEN HAWKING'S UNIVERSE Channel 4, 8pm If you've never heard of Stephen Hawking, right, then you must have been living on Mars for the past 25 years or so.
GRAVITY expert Prof Stephen Hawking has had a "space"