Stephen Vincent Benet

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Noun1.Stephen Vincent Benet - United States poet; brother of William Rose Benet (1898-1943)
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I can tell by the pattern on your shirt, it's new; like a new Caribbean, a new America, for ourselves and for those, as Stephen Vincent Benet once wrote, "who are to come.
Stephen Vincent Benet, Commander of the US Frankford Arsenal.
It was written for Roosevelt by Stephen Vincent Benet, American author of The Devil and Daniel Webster.
Critique: Not since "The Devil and Daniel Webster" by Stephen Vincent Benet has the Faustian bargain been so cleverly presented.
Davidman's background in the propagandistic New Masses may have inclined her to a good Drab, but she also has influences from the witty style of John Donne and the clearly written, popular appeals of her early mentor, Stephen Vincent Benet.
It was into this odd milieu that Stephen Vincent Benet was born in 1898, grew up, and thrived, later writing that "It was an intensely interesting world for a child to grow up in.
10) My interest here is to explore in more detail the letters Davidman wrote during this time to Stephen Vincent Benet, then editor of the Yale Series of Younger Poets, and the person most responsible for helping Davidman put together what came to be Letter to a Comrade.
Yale promoted him to an assistant professor and awarded him a writing grant for his projected book on Stephen Vincent Benet.
She rose, stood behind her chair, placed her hands on its high back, and looking up and down the table with those steady blue eyes, said she would like to give us one of her favorite poems, American Names, by Stephen Vincent Benet.
In the prelude to his narrative poem Western star, Stephen Vincent Benet (1943: 5) sees the story of America commencing at a congenial juncture of the place and the people, even before the mind may have actually become critically aware of itself: "And, if you ask me just what made them go, / .
Like Stephen Vincent Benet, I had "fallen in love with American names.
AoShortcut to HappinessAo, is based on the short story AoThe Devil and Daniel WebsterAo by Stephen Vincent Benet and the play AoScratchAo by Archibald MacLeish.