Stereographic projection

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(Geom.) a method of representing the sphere in which the center of projection is taken in the surface of the sphere, and the plane upon which the projection is made is at right andles to the diameter passing through the center of projection.

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In the first three episodes of the film, the notion of stereographic projection and mapping of the world is established, then a transition from the view of a 2-D world to a 3-D and gradually building of a view of 4-D via stereographic projection and coloring of hyper-faces is achieved.
A planisphere works using stereographic projection.
Thus, the stereographic projection (16,30), of each unit vector representing the body segments was calculated by centering an imaginary unit sphere proximally at each of the segments.
This system follows a well-established method of work and checked and uses the following equipment, licenses, applications: GPS Trimble Juno 3B mood guaranteed with TerraSync Professional software configured for georeferenced data collection in national reference system Stereo 70 - ellipsoid Krasovski 1940 stereographic projection plan for 1970 and 1975 system altitudes Black Sea - with GPS coordinates for Stereo set 70_7 param ANCPI ; -Aplicatia Effective data collection (dictionary), called EnelJT.
Most varieties have the same basics: a sighting device, a movable star map in the form of a metal network including a finely scaled zodiac ring; a flat, stereographic projection of the sky's altazimuth coordinate grid from horizon to zenith; and a finely divided circular scale of hours around the outside.
0 incorporated more data and was completed at a finer grid spacing of 2 x 2 km on the same polar stereographic projection used for the first version (Jakobsson et al.
Thus the map [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] is the stereographic projection.
CASE : Considering slope face orientation of 69/318 and stereographic projection of mean discontinuity planes drawn through DIPS showed a phenomena of kinematic instability (Figure-4).
Indeed, Brown observed in 1979 [Bro79] that using a stereographic projection one can identify the combinatorial types of Delaunay triangulations in [R.
Dennis first came to our attention when in 2011, aged only 18, he submitted an excellent report on the Western Elongation of Venus of that year to the Mercury and Venus Section, showing the development of clouds in the UV and including cylindrical and stereographic projection maps made from his images, which were of a high quality, taken with a 235mm (9.
computer-aided design techniques, and much more - in-depth appendices go the extra mile to explain spherical trigonometry and stereographic projection.
Stereographic projection is the projection onto a plane tangent to the zenith, where the center of the projection is the nadir (that is, the point diametrically opposite the zenith).