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33] measured the rotational laxity range of 5 male subjects at 60[degrees] and 90[degrees] of flexion by Roentgen Stereometric Analysis (RSA) with markers placed on the proximal tibia and the distal parts of the femur.
Using the computer algorithms characterized in papers [45, 51], multifractal analysis was applied by means of the quasi-3D [52] and 3D [53, 54] methods with reference to the stereometric files of the CL surfaces.
The stereo-photogrammetric method involves the use of stereometric camera (or a picture taken from a base using a single camera).
Stereometric analysis of the optic nerve head was performed in software (Figure).
Our discovery and methods based on this research could be extremely useful for the characterization of biomolecular interactions with drugs, probing protein folding, and in other applications where stereometric properties are important," said Oleg Gang, a researcher at Brookhaven's Center for Functional Nanomaterials and lead author on the paper.
Non-traditional Approaches to Selected Stereometric Problems through DGS, The Electronic Journal of Mathematics and Technology, 5 (3), 2011, 240-250.
He pays homage to various artists, including Jannis Kounellis, whose sculpture is echoed by the metal beam; Pino Pascali, in the idea of a portion of the sea synthesized into a geometric volume and a portion of earth translated into a stereometric, linear body; Gordon Matta-Clark, in the reversed synthesis of the landscape; and others.
Stereometriceskaja metallografia, Stereometric metallography, Metallurgia, 3-11-1 88-70, Moscow
Working with such forms requires significantly greater geometric or stereometric effort.
It was this idea that I had in mind when I wrote in 1906: "If we imagine a stereometric network as a part of the specialized structure, we must be prepared to admit that it changes at each level as the structure changes.
A forming technology to make stereometric freedom bending parts as pre-forms for hydroforming processes or ready-for-use space-frame components was introduced in (Neugebauer, 2002) together with a newly developed machine (Fig.
Eureka Aerospace is also actively developing the capability to generate 3D stereometric images with the Impsar.