a.1.(Civil. Engin.) Geostatic.
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Chapter topics on evaluation and adjuvant therapy include neurologic presentation; radiographic, electrodiagnostic and metastatic evaluation; chemotherapy, external beam radiotherapy, and stereostatic radiosurgery.
We controlled for technological sophistication, measured by the number of high-technology services offered (trauma, stereostatic radiology, MRI, PET scanner, kidney transplant, organ transplant, thyroid transplant, bone marrow transplant), because such services are costly and therefore might provide hospitals with a greater impetus to adopt TQM for technical efficiency purposes.
The discovery in 1987 of the effects mimicking the lesion induced by electrical stimulation at high frequency caused a rebirth of stereostatic surgery and new therapeutic possibilities.
The accelerators will be manufactured for Accuray and will be used in stereostatic radiosurgery.