n.1.The act or art of printing from stereotype plates.
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It depended on all manner of new technologies that moved beyond mere mechanics into the sphere of automation: the science of statistics (the quantification and mapping of "spiritual destitution" for the purposes of extending the "system to every portion of the land"); stereotypography (the ability to copy and store plates for subsequent print runs), steam-powered presses, and the Fourdrinier papermaking machine.
For Jodi Lundgren, on the other hand, Mosionier's treatment of identity partakes of a cultural syncretism characteristic of postcolonialism; for Dawn Thompson, it posits an ethnic countermemory that resists and revises the official discourse of Canadian multiculturalism; for Margery Fee, it provides the novel's dual protagonists, April and Cheryl, with a strategy to endure and combat racism ("Deploying"); and for Dee Horne, it functions to create a template on which the author "maps the stereotypography of colonial discourse" (72).