Sterling Heights

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Ster′ling Heights′

a city in SE Michigan, near Detroit. 118,698.
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Notes: a prebid conference will be held on 08/01/2017 at 9:00 am edt in the city hall council chambers, 40555 utica road, sterling heights, mi 48313.
Department of Justice (DOJ) filed suit against Sterling Heights, Michigan, Thursday for refusing to allow construction of a mosque.
Auto Business News-April 7, 2016--Fiat Chrysler plans to lay off 1,420 production workers at Sterling Heights plant
Shias, mainly Iraqi, are seeking to build a mosque in Sterling Heights, Michigan, but are finding their path blocked by other Iraqis--Christian Chaldeans.
is a graphic design, website design & internet marketing firm located in Sterling Heights, Michigan.
Papers are solicited for presentation at the SPE Automotive Engineering Plastics Conference, to be held April 24 at the Best Western Sterling Inn in Sterling Heights, MI.
Victoria Porath of Sterling Heights, Michigan, has the last ash tree on her street after the city cut down all the other ones in her subdivision.
Society of Plastics Engineers, Best Western Sterling Inn, Sterling Heights, Mich.
5 million loan for two A&P retail facilities, one in New York City and one in Sterling Heights, Mich.
The bills would provide $900 million for the Army's Stryker armored vehicle, which is supplied by General Dynamics Land Systems, Sterling Heights, Mich.
A total of $720 million will be spent to update three existing transmission facilities--two Ford (in Sterling Heights, MI and Sharonville, OH) and one GM (in Warren, MI)--with new equipment, tooling and more room.
They showed us how to make an appointment at a doctor's office and how to fill out a job application," said Norma Guzman, a Sterling Heights mother of three who moved from Mexico four years ago.