Sternal ribs

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Comments: In the original diagnosis, Ruiz-Omenaca (2011) provided the following autapomorphies for Delapparentia turolensis: 1) posterior dorsal ribs with long, parallel and unfused capitulum and tuberculum, 2) ossified sternal ribs, and 3) horizontal, twisted and lateromedially expanded preacetabular process of ilium (convergent in Zalmoxes), as well as the presence of anterior dorsal ribs with a pneumatic foramen and an ischium that is large in relation to the ilium.
The large size of the Delapparentia holotype may be due to the senile state of the individual, which is also suggested by the fusion of certain axial elements (dorsal ribs and neural arches, pairs of caudal centra) and the ossification of the sternal ribs.