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The Nomination Committee comprises Helena Stjernholm (AB Industrivarden), Yngve Slyngstad (Norges Bank Investment Management), Hakan Sandberg (Handelsbanken Pensionsstiftelse and others), Hans Sterte (Skandia) and Fhr Boman (chairman of the board of SCA).
SCA's nomination committee is comprised of Helena Stjernholm of AB Industrivarden; Yngve Slyngstad of Norges Bank Investment Management; Hakan Sandberg of Handelsbanken Pensionsstiftelse and others; Hans Sterte of Skandia and Par Boman, chairman of SCA's board.
17) Thomas Malory also draws on this purpose of the beard in the Morte d'Arthur when Sir Belleus mistakes Lancelot for his female lover: 'And whan sir Launcelot felte a rough berde kyssyng hym he sterte oute of the bedde lyghtly, and the othir knyght after him.
and afterwerd this * Corynne and Gogmagog wresteled long tyme to | gidres and this Gogmagog helde thys Corynus so [fast] that he brake ij | two rybbes in hys syde And than saide Brute to Corynus in ane | skorne and thy p(ar)amour myght wete that onely one manne dide be | thus moche shame she wolde neuir loue the after this daie Wher | fore Corynus was woundr wrothe and sterte to Gogmagog and | toke him with a grete strength and caste him dovne of a Roche | of Stone and braste him all to peces and ther was he deide & | therfor that ys called yete into this daie Gogmagog * lepe * and | thanne Brute gave all that Cuntre to Corynus and he lete | calle It Corenwaill aftir hys ovne name and hys menne * Cor | newaill and ther thei duelled and inhabitte How Brute made
This gentil duc doun from his courser sterte With herte pitous, whan he herde hem speke.
I schal sterte therto manly; Alle that company fere I ryth nouth
Daar is weer 'n paar grashase tussen die twee klompies wat die een werker aan hulle sterte dra, maar die ander jagters trek hulle dit blykbaar nie soos ek aan nie en bly steeds gretig kyk of die skietlampe nie nog 'n blink oog in die donker te voorskyn bring om van die gras af te maak nie.
But you can get ribbons from Officeland, 10 Sterte Close, Poole, Dorset BH15 2AT.
Donald Ridley, 37, Sterte Court, Poole, Dorset, was jailed for a total of seven-and-a-half years after pleading guilty to 25 separate offences - six years for offences relating to Internet stalking and 18 months for child pornography offences.
AAMSTRAD are no longer in the PC business - parts are handled by Office Land of 10 Sterte Close, Poole, Dorset, BH15 2AT.
thei clepyd hit Englisch sterte & spokyn many lewyd words vn-to hir, schewyng vn-clenly cher & cuntenawns, proferyng to ledyn hir a-bowtyn yf sche wolde.