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The division of a prose piece into lines of fixed length or into lines whose lengths correspond to the natural divisions of sense, as in manuscripts written before the adoption of punctuation.

[Greek stikhos, stich; see steigh- in Indo-European roots + -metry.]

stich′o·met′ric (stĭk′ə-mĕt′rĭk) adj.


(Poetry) the practice of writing out a prose text in lines that correspond to the sense units and indicate the phrasal rhythms
[C18: from Late Greek stikhometria. See stich, -metry]
stichometric, ˌstichoˈmetrical adj


the practice of expressing the successive ideas in a prose composition in single lines corresponding to natural cadences or sense divisions. — stichometric, stichometrical, adj.
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This verse has two stichoi, with three words in each.
Closer examination shows that individual stichoi of v.
These repeated verses or stichoi are to be found in Latin throughout Sirach 1-43, although there are parallels in some extant Greek MSS only in chapters 1-26 (as should be clear when the edition reaches the later chapters).