Stiff neck

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obstinacy in evil or wrong; inflexible obstinacy; contumacy.
- W. Perkins.
a condition of the neck such that the head can not be moved without difficulty and pain.

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Indeed, I worked so deliberately, that though I commenced at the ground in the morning, a course of bricks raised a few inches above the floor served for my pillow at night; yet I did not get a stiff neck for it that I remember; my stiff neck is of older date.
A piece of red flannel was wrapped around Mademoiselle's throat; a stiff neck compelled her to hold her head on one side.
It was really shock, rather than any injury, which had prostrated me, and in half-an-hour, in spite of aching head and stiff neck, I was sitting up and ready for anything.
And we other boys, who would have sacrificed ten terms of our school-life for the sake of being ill for a day, and had no desire whatever to give our parents any excuse for being stuck-up about us, couldn't catch so much as a stiff neck.
And either tropic now 'Gan thunder, and both ends of heaven; the clouds From many a horrid rift abortive poured Fierce rain with lightning mixed, water with fire, In ruin reconciled; nor slept the winds Within their stony caves, but rushed abroad From the four hinges of the world, and fell On the vexed wilderness, whose tallest pines, Though rooted deep as high, and sturdiest oaks, Bowed their stiff necks, loaden with stormy blasts, Or torn up sheer.
Now there is a dangerous infection that presents with a stiff neck without the defiance or haughtiness.
With the next Gilas Pilipinas game in the Fiba Asia Cup in Beirut not to happen until Wednesday at the earliest, Christian Standhardinger will have some time to recover from a severe stiff neck and a bruised shoulder.
Keely, 29, of Paddock, said: "We wore head guards so I'm not battered and bruised but I do have a stiff neck.
Symptoms are initially very mild, including a headache, stiff neck, fever and stomach pain.
A sore, stiff neck is an unfortunate but fairly common malady that affects many people over age 50.
These symptoms should also alert you to the possibility of meningitis: a fever, a stiff neck, disliking bright light and, in men in go coccal meningitis, the rash of flat, reddish purple spots.
Two days after my bike accident I had a stiff neck, but never in my wildest dreams would I have thought it was cancer.