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A rich, semisoft, cow's milk cheese with a blue-green mold and a wrinkled rind.

[After Stilton, a village of east-central England.]


(Cookery) trademark either of two rich cheeses made from whole milk, blue-veined (blue Stilton) or white (white Stilton), both very strong in flavour
[C18: named after Stilton, Cambridgeshire, where it was originally sold]


(ˈstɪl tn)
Trademark. a rich white cheese, veined with mold: made principally in England. Also called Stil′ton cheese′.
[after Stilton, a town in Huntingdonshire, where it was first sold]
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Noun1.Stilton - English blue cheese
bleu, blue cheese - cheese containing a blue mold


nStilton m
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Bring up the Stilton Cheese, and a bottle of the Old Madeira.
Elton was still talking, still engaged in some interesting detail; and Emma experienced some disappointment when she found that he was only giving his fair companion an account of the yesterday's party at his friend Cole's, and that she was come in herself for the Stilton cheese, the north Wiltshire, the butter, the cellery, the beetroot, and all the dessert.
Lorry observed to be all of a red colour, and to have red hair, and to be dressed in some extraordinary tight-fitting fashion, and to have on her head a most wonderful bonnet like a Grenadier wooden measure, and good measure too, or a great Stilton cheese, came running into the room in advance of the inn servants, and soon settled the question of his detachment from the poor young lady, by laying a brawny hand upon his chest, and sending him flying back against the nearest wall.
Crawley had an assembly which was attended by the Duchess (Dowager) of Stilton, Duc de la Gruyere, Marchioness of Cheshire, Marchese Alessandro Strachino, Comte de Brie, Baron Schapzuger, Chevalier Tosti, Countess of Slingstone, and Lady F.
Oh, by the way, Eliza, order a ham and a Stilton cheese, will you?
Taste the Difference Cheese Board (625g), PS15, Sainsbury's Blue Stilton, Barber's West Country Farmhouse Extra Mature Cheddar, Shropshire Red Cheese, Chatel Cornish Brie and Soignon Goats Cheese Enjoy with Malbec
As well as Melton Mowbray pies, we have Stilton cheese registered to our area and they are worth up to PS70million a year each - and helped grow a tourism base to also be worth about PS70million a year.
Kevin Turner, from Aldershot, Hampshire, created the sausage, which includes Mangalitsa pork, truffles, Stilton cheese, powdered cep mushrooms and vintage 1947 port, to mark British Sausage Week from November 2-8.
INGREDIENTS 1 ready-to-bake ciabatta loaf 1tbsp olive oil About 225g Stilton 1/2 a jar (290g) of beetroot pickle, or other pickle or chutney A handful of celery leaves, taken from the middle of a head of celery METHOD Preheat the oven to 200C/ Gas Mark 6/Fan 180C.
INGREDIENTS: 1 x 8ins loose-based flan tin, lined with short crust pastry (shop bought or homemade) 250g chopped spinach Nutmeg 170g stilton cheese - crumbled 3 egg yolks or 2 large eggs 300ml pint single cream or 150ml creme fraiche Salt, black pepper, paprika A few fresh chopped herbs according to taste - chives are good METHOD: 1.
Do you have a recipe for Stilton cheese soup as I would love to serve it as a starter on Boxing Day.