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1. Either of a pair of long, slender poles each equipped with a raised footrest to enable the user to walk elevated above the ground.
2. Any of various tall posts or pillars used as support, as for a dock or building: a beach house on stilts.
3. Any of several shorebirds of the widely distributed genus Himantopus or the Australian genus Cladorhynchus that have long pink legs, usually black-and-white plumage, and a long slender bill.
tr.v. stilt·ed, stilt·ing, stilts
To place or raise on stilts.

[Middle English stilte; see stel- in Indo-European roots.]
رَكائِز، أعْمِدَهطَوّالَه للأقْدام
koka kājas


(stilts) noun plural
1. a pair of poles with supports for the feet, on which a person may stand and so walk raised off the ground.
2. tall poles fixed under a house etc to support it eg if it is built on a steep hillside.
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The Hill Street Centre was hosting a programme of out-of-thisworld entertainment over the summer holidays and launching the event were alien stiltwalker Melissa Trenholm and balloon modeller Ian Taylor.
Elloise Hempsted, who runs the Etrois dance and fitness school on Brentwood Avenue, was present with her hula hoop and vibrant costume, as well as stiltwalker Kendrick, who was looking down on the guests arriving at the Mansion House.
Additionally, Molly the Stiltwalker will be in attendance, as well as a variety of bands, offering up musical treats as diverse as they are enticing.
Sister Naomi, a stiltwalker and fire-eater, performed at the launch event, while Shane and Keavy both took a detour from their music schedules to lend their backing.
The Friday evening Awards Dinner and Puerto Rican Carnivale began with a meet and greet by a colorful stiltwalker and a coconut carver who dished out fresh coconut.
The kids immediately recognise walkabout stiltwalker Mr Doo, a one-man circus, from last year and stop for a chat.
Pictures: GAVIN TRAFFORD/ GAV260909ABOLDST-5 Owen Parle is given a windmill by a stiltwalker Code GAV260909ABOLDST-2 Code GAV260909ABOLDST-8
Although the reopening had scores of traders and fun attractions, including face painting, a stiltwalker and a Beacon Radio stage, some shoppers were left disappointed.
The Market Shops at Sandestin) 6-8PM - Coconut Radio (Cannery Row, Village of Baytowne Wharf) 8PM Pops - Concert -Northwest Florida Symphony Orchestra (Village Events Plaza) Sunday, May 24 10AM-10PM - Roaring River Water Slide (Village Events Plaza) 6-9PM - Stiltwalker, Face painter, Kids' Crafts, Sand Sculpture (Village Events Plaza) 7-9PM - Coconut Radio (Village Events Plaza) 9:15PM - Memorial Fireworks Celebration (Village Events Plaza) Monday, May 25 2:30-3 PM - A salute to fallen soldiers (Village Events Plaza)
Come to the Carnival" was the central theme as attendees visited exhibitors and enjoyed pretzels, sweets and other treats, while being entertained by a juggler and stiltwalker.
The balls are dropped quite a few times, and the stiltwalker and the unicyclists lose their balance at times, but it does not matter.
Other entertainers due to appear at various times over the nine days include circus clowns Captain Spanner and Nutty Nicky, who have appeared on Channel 4's Big Breakfast Show with their unicycling and juggling show; street theatre and tightrope walker Bernie Bennet, who studied with Brian Andro of Cirque du Soleil and has appeared on BBC's How Do They Do That and ITV's You Bet; comedy stiltwalker and fire-eater Pete the Fool, who was formally a mime clown with Billy Smart's Circus and has appeared on Blue Peter, TV AM and BBC Schools Landmarks; and interactive character mime artiste Brenda Waite who has previously worked at UK theme parks.