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 (stĭm′sən), Henry Lewis 1867-1950.
American public official who served as US secretary of war (1911-1913 and 1940-1945), as governor-general of the Philippines (1927-1929), and as US secretary of state (1929-1933). He was the chief adviser on atomic weaponry to Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry S. Truman.


(ˈstɪm sən)

Henry L(ewis), 1867–1950, U.S. statesman.
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Here's old Peter Stimson, who has `left a large circle of friends to mourn his untimely loss.
We have been receiving patients that have been gassed and burned in a most mysterious way," Julia Stimson, a military nurse, wrote from Rouen, France, on July 25, 1917.
Sean Stimson, 44, and his brother Wayne, 46, were barred from contacting the superstar's aides after launching a hate campaign when the 1998 single shot to number one.
Sean Stimson and his brother Wayne, 46, thought the star stole their musical idea for 1998's Millennium, so plagued his record label and solicitors with calls.
TEHRAN (FNA)- The US president's administration failed to establish a more "sensible" drone policy, which would have been consistent with national economic and security interests, a Stimson Center report said.
Stimson made a claim under the firm's policy, which was issued by Peerless, for defense and indemnification.
The Greater Worcester foundation has never held a fundraiser like this before, said Kelly Stimson, director of donor services.
The website - South Asian Voices: Generation Why - by Stimson Center has been launched in association with bloggers from India and Pakistan.
8221; Stimson said there are 88 Potbelly Sandwich Shops in Chicago, and the company plans to open a store each year in St.
Luke Stimson, aged 38, from Shifnal, was sailing from Japan to England with his fiancee Laura Vernon when tragedy struck.
Rescue crews have stopped searching for Luke Stimson, aged 38, from Shifnal, who fell from a yacht in the Pacific Ocean on Sunday.
The US Coast Guard and Navy continue to search for Luke Stimson, 38, after he plunged into the water almost 500 miles from land at around 11.