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(Classical Myth & Legend) Greek myth mother of Dionysus by Zeus


(ˈsɛm əˌli)

(in Greek myth) a daughter of Cadmus and mother, by Zeus, of Dionysus.
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The main action of vitamin C on the skin is direct stimula tion of collagen synthesis.
Reminiscing can have many goals: promotion of pleasant memories that improve quality of life, increased socialization, mental stimula tion, improved communication, and enhanced personal growth (Touhy, 2016).
eviesa reiketu atskirti kaip regejimo stimula ir kaip informacija, reikalinga suvokimui.
Dans le gouvernement Soglo, la logique de terroir (5), tout en reactivant la dynamique gens de la terre, gens du pouvoir (6) et le role du sacre dans ce mouvement, stimula d'autant plus la machine patrimoniale que le critere d'equilibre interregional--officieux sous le regime marxiste-leniniste--devint officiel et la nomination des nouveaux cadres fut un moyen de satisfaire les exigences emises par les representants des differents territoires regionaux lors de la Conference nationale.
In this view, how we perceive and evaluate our environment determines which stimula are stressful.
Cresterea nivelurilor CREB, in special in complexul bazolateral al amigdalei, prin intermediul injectarii virusului herpes simplex, purtator al unei gene CREB, s-a dovedit a stimula, in mod semnificativ, formarea MLD dupa trainingul comasat, conditionat de frica, care, in mod normal, induce MSD, dar putin sau chiar deloc MLD.
g stimula therapies to th Physical ease the symptoms include physiotherapy, speech and language therapy and occupational therapy.
Horizon Stimula contraceptive sheaths (Akwell Industries, Skokie, IL) were used as water bags (Fig.
In this twopart impression technique With the accurate impression a favorably extended denture base will provide proper stress distribution, favorable ridge to denture base relationship, stimula tion to the underlying bone and decreased food impaction.
Elle stimula l'experience lancee par le journal Bayane Al Youm, version arabe du quotidien du PPS.
Se poate exagera afirmand ca acest tip de "arta" (literatura, filmele, programele de jocuri pe calculator)ar fi generatoare de delincventa, cert este ca o pot insa alimenta si stimula.
This prevalence of monitoring actions, however, is stronger for Task 1, while it is evident, that the disproportion among the three phases decreases over the tasks, which suggests a positive answer of the learners to the stimula provided by the proposed activities.