Stomach tube

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(Med.) a long flexible tube for introduction into the stomach.

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She had bedsores, fever, urinary tract infection, acute kidney failure and severe dehydration and had to be fed through a stomach tube.
If a lamb still can't stand or is severely lethargic after recovering in the hot box, the quickest and most successful way to get it what it needs may be to administer electrolytes through a stomach tube.
This was one of those times that I had to pull out my book, Goat Health Care, and relearn how to use a stomach tube to give them some warm colostrum.
She is fed through a stomach tube and often has "silent choking" episodes when secretions get stuck in her throat, so must have 24/7 care.
Barium sulphate suspension as contrast agent was administrated by stomach tube.
The stomach is decompressed with a large bore needle and a stomach tube passed.
Proximal duodenum was mobilized to minimize tension on stomach tube during transport to cervical region.
Prosecutors said the mother force-fed high concentrations of sodium through the boy's stomach tube because she craved the attention his illness brought to her, especially through her heavy posting on social media.
He is not yet heavy enough for the surgery, but Elaine along with her husband and children have been feeding him with specially blended cat food through a stomach tube.
He could not process food and had to be fed through a stomach tube.
It needs 10% of bodyweight of colostrum in the first few hours (approximately three to four litres for a Holstein-type calf), preferably fed by a teat or stomach tube.
Group-2 control group: Consists of six rats fed with HLD and given 30 ml saline per kg body wt instragastrically using stomach tube for 60 days.