Store clothes

to value greatly; to have a high appreciation of.
- Shak.

See also: Store

References in classic literature ?
You boys can go there for a general wash-up, rig yourselves up without saying anything, and then meander back careless and easy in your store clothes, just as the stage is coming in, sabe?
Aside from being a display cabinet, it can be used to store clothes, with the rods provided.
Adam Wilkins' crippling losses led him to take perfume and department store clothes from Stockton High Street.
Also don't store clothes in damp cupboards or pack them too tightly in wardrobes.
Firefighters from Peterlee, Durham, Seaham and Bishop Auckland stations were called out to tackle the blaze in the building which is believed to store clothes.
OUTFIT to create 40 jobs at new Broughton store CLOTHES brands Top Shop, Topman and Dorothy Perkins arrives in Broughton this week with the launch of a new Outfit store.
However, even the dorm closet will be compact and the college student will need more room to store clothes and other dorm items that don't have a designated place elsewhere.
You will need: Bin liners A clothing rail, if possible Space to store clothes that need mending or alteration Hangers - preferably good quality Firstly, place items on the clothing rail if possible and discard any that are torn, stained, no longer fit or you just don't wear anymore.
Karl Fisher, Norwich DO not store clothes after washing them with fabric conditioner as it can accelerate mould.
At other times, they use the offcut wood to build their own furniture for their home u wooden trunks to store clothes, or bedside cabinets.
While some see their car as a place to try on store clothes, as many as 10 per cent have had sex in their vehicle, the poll from evecars.
The shop sells ex-chain store clothes and Jemima keeps her prices below pounds 25.