Strait of Georgia

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Noun1.Strait of Georgia - the strait separating Vancouver Island from the Canadian mainland
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Olympia oysters were reported from 14 sites in or near the Strait of Georgia with records from Boundary Bay and Baynes Sound possibly representing populations reported from Fanny Bay and Crescent, respectively.
Its 13 well-separated "tenthouse" suites are connected by a boardwalk on stilts through arbutus trees and their verandas offer sublime views across the Strait of Georgia to Vancouver Island.
A multibeam bathymetric swath-mapping program of the Strait of Georgia has provided a 5-m resolution map of the seabed.
Having toppled overboard from a sailboat at 3am on Wednesday (following an evening of drinking), one local woman spent nine hours in the frigid Strait of Georgia.
The University of Victoria (UV) is simultaneously developing a complementary shallow-water test bed--known as the Victoria Experimental Network Under the Sea (VENUS)--in the Strait of Georgia and Saanich Inlet between Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia.
Extending from the Strait of Georgia to east of Hope, and from the United States border to 1,000 kilometres north, the presbytery contains Vancouver's downtown Eastside, arguably the most poverty-stricken, crime-ridden community in Canada, and British Columbia's Bible belt in the Fraser Valley.
In Island Timber individual chapters describe all aspects of the logging process in the highlead era, from cruising the timber and building logging railways, to falling and bucking the timber, yarding the logs to seaside, and finally transporting log booms across the Strait of Georgia to the mill on the mainland.
The setting is unique, overlooking the Strait of Georgia, Howe Sound and the Coast Mountains.
shoreline, a 16-inch pipeline will travel approximately 41 miles underwater across the Strait of Georgia, through Boundary Pass and the Satellite Channel, in water depths of up to 1,050 feet, to a landfall near Hatch Point on Vancouver Island.
Four years ago, we left our four-story, 4,000-square-foot home in the city and moved to a 1,400-square-foot beachfront home on the Strait of Georgia in northwestern Washington.
Because British Columbia's coastal range plunges steeply into the Strait of Georgia here, you can climb from sea level to glacier-topped peaks in only a short distance.