Strait of Messina

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Noun1.Strait of Messina - the strait separating Sicily from the tip of Italy
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Skirting along the north coast of Sicily, passing through the group of Aeolian Isles, in sight of Stromboli and Vulcania, both active volcanoes, through the Straits of Messina, with "Scylla" on the one hand and "Charybdis" on the other, along the east coast of Sicily, and in sight of Mount Etna, along the south coast of Italy, the west and south coast of Greece, in sight of ancient Crete, up Athens Gulf, and into the Piraeus, Athens will be reached in two and a half or three days.
103} See Admiral Smyth on the currents in the Straits of Messina, quoted in "The Authoress of the Odyssey," p.
105} The writer evidently regards Ulysses as on a coast that looked East at no great distance south of the Straits of Messina somewhere, say, near Tauromenium, now Taormina.
3km across the Straits of Messina between Calabria and Sicily.
But also big projects in Italy that need billions of funding, such as the planned bridge across the Straits of Messina between mainland Italy and Sicily, the reconstruction of the earthquake-hit Abruzzo region and several upcoming big trade fairs, especially the huge Expo 2015 in Milan, are all in danger of being infiltrated by Mafia groups operating in construction and the financial sector.
As does much of the port of Reggio di Calabria, which overlooks Sicily on the Straits of Messina and was rebuilt following an earthquake in 1908.
As we cruised through the Straits of Messina, a pod of dolphins broke the surface of the Mediterenean on starboard side.
Large, and occasionally spectacular, numbers of honey buzzards can be seen during their migration, where their routes converge at narrow sea crossings such as the Straits of Gibraltar, the Straits of Messina, the Bosphorus and at Falsterbo in southern Sweden.
Another company permanently connected its device to the Italian grid from the Straits of Messina in 2006.
Trains and boats crossing the Straits of Messina connecting Sicily to the mainland also ground to a halt.