Strangulated hernia

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a hernia so tightly compressed in some part of the channel through which it has been protruded as to arrest its circulation, and produce swelling of the protruded part. It may occur in recent or chronic hernia, but is more common in the latter.
(Med.) See under Hernia.

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In severe cases, the intestine may experience blockage of blood flow, resulting to a case known as strangulated hernia which can rapidly lead to death.
The cause of death in one patient (57 year old male, CTP class C) was septic shock related to strangulated hernia.
In the present study 12 cases of obstruction are related to hernia (24%), out of which 8 cases are strangulated hernia (66%).
Most hernias don't hurt at all, but sometimes you feel a dull ache or burning sensation," says Dudley A strangulated hernia, where a loop of bowel becomes trapped in the hernia defect, can be fatal and should be treated immediately.
They opened me up and found an internal strangulated hernia and a tumour.
sup][8] Differential diagnosis of Amyand's hernia includes Strangulated hernia, Richter's hernia, testicular torsion, testicular tumor with hemorrhage, inguinal adenitis, epidydimitis and orchitis.
Patients with co-morbid conditions or those presented as strangulated hernia were excluded.
Exclusion criteria excluded patient's age less than 18 years, obstructed or strangulated hernia and with co morbidities.
A careful history to establish the presence of the hernia is important and could be an early clue to a suspicion of a strangulated hernia as the initiating factor.
Idly wondering whether the pain by my hip might be appendicitis or a strangulated hernia, I SCENTING PHYSICAL WEAKNESS SHE HAD DECIDED THIS ,,,, heard the thump of the fast approach of Chubb.
A strangulated hernia has become twisted and can cause pain and vomiting and needs emergency treatment.