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Adj.1.Stravinskyan - of or relating to or like or in the manner of Stravinsky
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From its pounding, Stravinskyan opening, upper strings dancing so joyously, through the hieratic gestures of commanding horns, the Midsummer Marriage timbres of piano, harp and visionary solo strings, this was a confident, cogent account, Gardner attuning his orchestra perfectly to Tippett's idiosyncratic soundworld.
His works embrace every conceivable style from Stravinskyan neo-classicism to contemporary Americana to cerebral serialism and improvisatory chance to postmodern eclectic.
Brown sometimes reveals a well-remembering ear, as much more did Gabriel Jackson in the filmic pastoralism of In the Mendips, French-sounding episodes interspersed with Stravinskyan interpolations.
Stravinskyan sophistication vanished after intermission.