Stray mark

(Naut.) the mark indicating the end of the stray line.

See also: Stray

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Several anomalies were found in American electronic voting systems, including incomplete holes in punch cards and stray marks on optical scan cards during America's 2000 and 2004 presidential elections, especially in Volusia County, Florida.
What is great about seeing such a copious number of his photographs now is to clock their glorious imperfections -- freckles, wrinkles, a serious scar on a model's neck -- as details from an age before all stray marks were wiped out and cleaned up on screen.
A few are almost no stray marks may be present erasures or stray but don't detract from drawing.
Ballots can be invalidated by stray marks or failure to follow directions, and VBM offers new opportunities for election sabotage.
It also helps to keep stray marks off the desks or tabletops.
As he talked, Bui finished off a client's pedicure, dabbing stray marks of bright red polish with remover.
Both Collinson, who lost a couple of stray marks on the awkward rock steps of section five, and Peace, who cast four away on the relatively easy rock climb of section two, tried hard all night but could never match his consistency.
Splashes, smudges, and stray marks enliven the white areas of paper, saving the hard-edged geometries of the rectangular blocks from overly graphic inertness.
To judge which print was better, they looked for perfect registration for each color, clean prints with no stray marks, and use of the correct amount of ink.
In addition, the Tool Palette includes a new Eraser Tool that allows users to easily erase stray marks and "noise" on documents prior to text recognition for better accuracy.
Boyce said the result changed after an examination of votes that the machines did not read because of write-ins, stray marks or incorrect or light markings.