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a., n., & 1.See 2nd Strait.
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But I never went beyond the Streights, and never was in the West Indies.
It's been awesome to get to our size without needing an IT person managing everything," said Chris Streight, Sales Director for Nutcase.
Upon noticing the high tidal range he encountered along the Kimberley coast, he speculated that there could be "a Passage or Streight going through Eastward to the Great South-Sea" (Dampier 1709, 150).
Streight came an Eagle, soring in the skyes, With Golden tethers, delighting all mens sight: Who stooping straight, fell downe vpon his knees.
Magazine for 2011,” stated Ray Streight, Southwest Solutions Group President.
The decision to plow more money and effort into the 200-acre Roseburg hospital campus will not detract from the large-scale medical clinic the VA has announced it wants to build in central Eugene or Springfield at a yet undetermined location, VA spokeswoman Megan Streight said Tuesday.
paradoxes spring from the very nature of the poet's language," and like Brooks's own criticism Streight offers a close reading of O'Connor characterized by careful attention to tropes, making his work far more reminiscent of formalist criticism than postmodern.
RENUCHIO After his breath was gone Bereft thus from his brest by cruell force Streight they despoiled him, and, not alone Contented wth his death, on the dead corps, Whom savage beastes do spare, ginne they to showe New crueltie, and wth a swerd they pearce His naked belly, and unrippe it soe That out the bowelles gush.
Pollente's villein, "with scull all raw," rushes out to collect the levy, "To whom [Artegall] aunswerd wroth, loe there thy hire; / And with that word him strooke, that streight he did expire" (5.
Streight who was later to become chairman of the Chemical Engineering Division (1950-51) was elected a director of the C.
The number of them be thirtene, and their names be Comma, Colon, Period, Parenthesis, Interrogation, long time, shorte time, sharp accent, flat accent, streight accent, the seuerer, the vniter, the breaker.