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a., n., & 1.See 2nd Strait.
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But I never went beyond the Streights, and never was in the West Indies.
Sycamore -- Cook 0 0-0 0, Petit 0 2-2 2, Alexander 0 0-0 0, Heinrich 2 3-4 8, Pottorff 0 0-0 0, Hayes 0 2-4 2, Burns 4 0-0 8, Wiegmann 2 1-3 5, Gehant 0 0-0 0, Streight 0 0-0 0, Nienaber 1 0-0 2, McConkey 2 0-0 4, Picolotti 4 1-1 12, A.
Tenders are invited for 2 ea, relay "new in the box from ge"51a 12ifcv51a1da; 1 ea, relay "new in the box from ge"51b 12ifcv51b1da; 1 ea, relay "new in the box from ge"51b 125gc21a1a; 1 ea, labor to install all 4 relays including testing on site during a facility scheduled "shutdown on streight time" to be scheduled by facility.
As Steven Streight, an SEO specialist and web content developer currently working for Chicago-based Streight SEO, puts it in an article for the Peorian, trolls are not educated in debate or rhetorical skills and only want to reframe the conversation into how bad or stupid you supposedly are.
fast lockt" to the House of Holiness, where Red Cross Knight is rehabilitated, requires all those entering to "passe in stouping low; / For streight and narrow was the way" (x.
more lower and streight then the other ordinarie are: .
and that they bee the dangerous snares, and subtilties of that ancient enemy of mankind, by which he indeuoureth to entangle them: and these so streight and seuere prohibitions are not without iust and weighty cause.
Upon noticing the high tidal range he encountered along the Kimberley coast, he speculated that there could be "a Passage or Streight going through Eastward to the Great South-Sea" (Dampier 1709, 150).
Streight came an Eagle, soring in the skyes, With Golden tethers, delighting all mens sight: Who stooping straight, fell downe vpon his knees.
This is the tradition inaugurated by one of Wise Blood's contemporary reviewers, Melwyn Breen--who pronounced the novel "a diabolic satire" that comes dangerously "close to blasphemy"--and articulated most influentially by John Hawkes's 1962 essay "Flannery O'Connor's Devil," which located the author squarely "on the devil's side" (Scott and Streight 18, Hawkes 401).
Magazine for 2011,” stated Ray Streight, Southwest Solutions Group President.
The decision to plow more money and effort into the 200-acre Roseburg hospital campus will not detract from the large-scale medical clinic the VA has announced it wants to build in central Eugene or Springfield at a yet undetermined location, VA spokeswoman Megan Streight said Tuesday.