v. t.1.To strain.
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Norman y Strein (2003) senalan que se debe contar al menos con 10 observaciones por parametro a estimar, en el modelo que hemos especificado debemos estimar 17 parametros, por lo que necesitamos al menos 170 observaciones.
A central tenet of a public health approach is its emphasis on prevention and early intervention with entire populations rather than individuals (Doll & Cummings, 2008; Strein, Hoagwood, & Cohn, 2003).
In conjunction with evidence supporting a bidirectional link between children's academic achievement and their self-concept, such that academic achievement contributes to self-concept and self-concept contributes to academic achievement (Pajaras & Schunk, 2001; Strein, 1993; Valentine, DuBois, & Cooper, 2004), the transactional model suggests that positive interactions with an adult can improve children's academic skills by providing support as children face academic challenges, such as reading.
Barbie Strein left her husband's team in 1993 to strike out on her own.
Self-concept has been described in theory and tested in research using four different models: nomothetic, hierarchical, taxonomic, and compensatory (Byrne, 1984; Strein, 1993).
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However, pre-service teachers have some unique concerns, such as being liked and accepted by students, relationships with college supervisors, classroom cooperative teachers and staff, and effectively dealing with mistakes in their teaching (Kaunitz, Spokane, Lissitz, & Strein, 1986).
There are clearly challenging ethical and legal considerations related to sanctioned supervision that are confusing and perhaps intimidating (Cobia & Boes, 2000; Getz, 1999; Strein & Hershenson, 1991; Thomas, 2005).
12) El autor propone una <<partida de nacimiento>> de la historia de los movimientos sociales a partir de la obra de Lorenz von Strein <<La historia del movimiento social en Francia (1789-1850)>> (1998: 299).
As a result, school counselors and psychologists are likely to work ineffectively in isolation, and many need assistance in working effectively together (Murphy, DeEsch, & Strein, 1998).
Models of self-concept are generally considered to be either unidimensional or multidimensional in nature, with additional classifications within each major category (Byrne, 1996; Strein, 1993).