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Pyrrhus with his streite sword.
- Chaucer.
1.Close; narrow; strict.
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He was born on June 7, 1957 in Elgin to the late Harold and Betty Streit.
Last year, United Nations experts' report said South Sudan purchased 173 armoured vehicles from Streit in the United Arab Emirates in 2014, after the civil war began.
Combined Synopsis/Solicitation:Haag streit im 900 system
Rounding out the ensemble are the Austrian-American tenor Kurt Streit (Tito), French soprano Julie Fuchs (Servilia) and American mezzo Kate Lindsey (Sesto).
In this position, Dent will report to Green Dot CEO, Steven Streit and the company also stated that Lewis Goodwin will remain the bank's president and report to Dent.
She has an impressive financial services background with a deep understanding of the lending marketplace, having served in senior roles at Silicon Valley Bank and most recently, at Insikt, an innovative lender serving low income consumers,' said Steve Streit, chief executive officer and founder of Green Dot Corporation.
Alex Neve, head of Amnesty International Canada, described it as "deeply disappointing and disgraceful" that Canadian company Streit Group has been brokering arms deals and manufacturing weapons that were transferred to "some of the most conflict-ridden countries in the world", Middle East Eye reported.
While the business has been successful since its inception, continual advancements in technology made the founders, Vicki Streit and Chris Westwood, realize that their website needed a whole new upgrade.
This year, we'll have a documentary about the Streit family and an art show about the factory's history.
The Canada-based Streit Armoured Vehicles delivered a number of such vehicles to the police force last week.
CANADA'S Marlene Stewart Streit and American Judy Bell are the latest women to become honorary members of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews.
In the case of sperm morphology, a sample of the initial dilution (100 [micro]L) was placed on a histological slide and stained with Rose Bengal, following Streit Junior et al.