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compar.1.the original compar. & superl. of Strong.
Two of us shall strenger be than one.
- Chaucer.
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Carsten Strenger will remain CFO/COO of Romaco Holding with responsibility for Finance and Operations.
China wiederum argumentierte, die Gewinnung von Seltenen Erden strenger zu reglementieren sei notwendig, um Umweltschaden zu vermeiden (WTO 2014).
Alongside the Otto Bayer, Jozef Schell and Carl Duisberg scholarships, the Bayer Fellowship Program also includes the Kurt Hansen and Hermann Strenger scholarships.
The net is drawing closer on the present and former management board," said Christian Strenger, a former chairman of the International Corporate Governance Network, an advocacy group.
Christian Strenger -- on the board of DWS Deutsche Asset Management -- called VW's reference to the Statement of Facts "completely insufficient and insulting to all those who are interested in complete clarification of responsibilities.
Chevari S, Andyal T, Strenger J (1991) Determination of antioxidant blood parameters and their diagnostic value in the elderly.
Strenger and Ruttenburg (2008) noted that the midlife is the onset of decline and that the main psychological task of midlife is to come to terms with this decline (Cohen, 2005).
In the annual meeting, the three class I directors Detlef Bierbaum, Walter C Dostmann and Christian Strenger who were nominated by the board of directors, were elected to serve for a term of three years and until his respective successor qualifies and is elected.
Carlo Strenger wrote in Haaretz that "the religious far-right advocates hatred of pluralism and an open society by leading a drive to have an obedient society without dissent".
Writing as the Raterepublik was already being crushed militarily, Klemperer wrote that "nur strenger abrechnen konnte uns helfen, und niemand wagt es mehr so recht zu erhoffen" (156), though it remains somewhat unclear whether he was expressing this sentiment as part of his paraphrase of a speech he had heard or as his own opinion.
Creative workers, of which some immigrants are a subset, are drawn to structures that appreciate their skill sets and provides them with the resources that will facilitate them being highly productive(Florida, 2002; Strenger, 2013).
Hieronder tel die strenger toepassing van apartheidswette en gepaardgaande onderdrukking en sy persoonlike teenspoed om behoorlike huisvesting en 'n goeie werksomgewing in Johannesburg te vind.