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n. pl.1.(Zool.) A group of small insects having the anterior wings rudimentary, and in the form of short and slender twisted appendages, while the posterior ones are large and membranous. They are parasitic in the larval state on bees, wasps, and the like; - called also Rhipiptera. See Illust. under Rhipipter.
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eucharitid wasps (5 species), scarab beetle (Martineziana dutertrei), strepsipteran (Caenocholax fenyesi), parasitic ant (Solenopsis daguerrei), densovirus (Solenopsis invicta densovirus, SiDNV), and RNA viruses (3 viruses) (Wojcik et al.
In both cases, the cephalothorax of a female strepsipteran was exposed from under the left side of the bee's fourth metasomal tergite (Fig.
These parasitoids, the strepsipteran Elenchus koebelei and the dryinid Pseudogonatopus arizonicus were found in only 8.
A positive size correlation exists between the emerging adult male strepsipteran parasite Caenocholax fenyesi Pierce and its host Solenopsis invicta Buren.