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Noun1.Strepsirhini - in some classifications either coextensive with the Lemuroidea or comprising the true lemurs
animal order - the order of animals
order Primates, Primates - an animal order including lemurs and tarsiers and monkeys and apes and human beings
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Comparative morphological configuration of the cardiac nervous system in lorises and galagos (infraorder Lorisiformes, Strepsirrhini, primates) with evolutionary perspective.
Order Primates Linnaeus, 1758 Semiorder Plesiadapiformes ([dagger]) Simons and Tattersall, 1972 Superfamily Paromomyoidea ([dagger]) Simpson, 1940 Superfamily Plesiadapoidea ([dagger]) Trouessart, 1897 Semiorder Euprimates Hoffstetter, 1977 Suborder Strepsirrhini E.
Lemurs, along with lorises, belong to the Strepsirrhini branch and are also known as "wet-nosed" primates.