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n.1.A narrow passage between precipitous rocks or banks, which looks as if it might be crossed at a stride.
This striding place is called the Strid.
- Wordsworth.
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These constraints for species migrations are broadly accepted as a cause of the high rate of endemism in vascular plants other than ferns (Favarger, 1972; Medail and Verlaque, 1997; Strid, 1993).
The Community Reading Day readers were Rick Flannery, Trevor Roadman, Damien Manosh, Jeannine Dionne, Kelly Bol, Julie Benoit, Kathy Ducey, Lynne Strid, Nancy Spitulnik, Maryann Newton, Ted Kozak, Pat Furber, Jamie Bundtzen, Emily Murray, Fran Fletcher, Renee Begin, Ken Callabro, Shawn Matte, Liz Abbondanza, Cathy Stickney, Lisa Andrews, Dwain Robbins, Leeann Hansson, Sharon Kurowski, Linda Skillen, Deb Evans, Officer Tom Dejordy, Karlene Ross, Mary Whittier, Kathy Lyons, Marcia Nichols, Eric Connolly, Greg Borruso, Christina Schlupf, Lauren Dolan, Faith Lane, Chief Warchol, Michelle Borruso, Lt.
The Devonshire Fell is part of the Devonshire Estate which manages two other great places to visit within five miles - Strid Wood and Bolton Abbey.
th wi strid "From that moment, Casey stunned us all with her recovery.
parviflora has not been recorded (Meikle, 1977; Pignatti, 1982; Strid, 1986; Livaniou-Tiniakou, 2002).
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The River Wharfe winds its way through the estate, gushing over the fast–flowing Strid, reflecting the priory, gurgling under bridges and lapping around the stepping stones.
nar bi are tal things they are "Wh though and wou his strid "Loo used to won't b "Mo i Bolt just "He w there wil the line.
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Situated between Skipton and Harrogate, it is close to the 12th Century priory, the dramatic narrowing of the Wharfe at the Strid, and the ruined 16th Century hunting lodge.
The return to six should tease further progress from Mayson, who can take the step up to this level in his strid.