string vest

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During the 10 minute sketch, the duo also discussed Harry's boldfashion choices and the pair tried on a string of daring outfitsincluding a black string vest top and a gold lycra t-shirt.
Gash Nesbitt Falkirk's Lee Miller sees the funny side as the linesman tells him to take off that strip and pull on a string vest so he can complete the full Rab C Nesbitt look against St Mirren.
RAB C Nesbitt may have hung up his string vest for good, says the actor who plays him.
Selena Gomez gets us in the mood for summer, pouting on a beach in a string vest.
The 22-year-old went for the string vest look after he was snapped with new flame Gigi Hadid.
To those of you unfamiliar with this garment, I should explain that the string vest was the greatest contrick in world history.
But now it has embraced a dish from north of the border as revolting as Ralf C Nesbitt's string vest - the deep fried Mars Bar.
RAB C NESBITT BBC2, 10pm Let's be honest, Rab C Nesbitt's life has never looked particularly luxurious, so it's a good job his needs have always been fairly simple - just a steady supply of lager and the occasional new string vest.
Men were advised to avoid string vest tops, onesies, Jesus sandals, Hawaiian shirts, and football shirts.
The resulting service had more holes than Rab C Nesbitt's string vest, with news reports of escapes and blunders.
Guy looked cool dressed in grandpa's string vest, Way up high like a pirate sitting in the crow's nest.
One man was fat and sweaty and in a string vest and another looked like a headmaster.