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 (dôl′mə, -mä)
n. pl. dol·mas or dol·ma·des (dôl-mä′dĕs)
A fruit or vegetable, especially a grape leaf or cabbage leaf, cooked with a filling of ground meat, herbs, or rice.

[Turkish dolma and Modern Greek dolmás, dolmád- (Modern Greek, from Turkish), from verbal noun of Turkish dolmak, to fill, be full; akin to Old Turkic tōl-, from passive of tō-, to close, block.]


(ˈdɒlmə; -mɑː)
n, pl dolmas or dolmades (dɒlˈmɑːdiːz)
(Cookery) a vine leaf stuffed with a filling of meat and rice
[C19: Turkish dolma literally something filled]


(ˈdɔl mə, -mɑ)

a vine leaf or vegetable stuffed with a savory mixture, as of ground meat and rice.
[1885–90; < Turkish dolma literally, something filled, filling =dol- fill + -ma suffix of deverbal nouns]
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My dolma - stuffed grape leaves with rice - were meatless, but well-seasoned, which is a plus.
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