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(ˈstɜr dʒɪs)
Preston, 1898–1959, U.S. screenwriter.
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Joseph Sturge, whose father was a great abolitionist and friend of Whittier and Garrison.
A PRESTON STURGES film often falls under the label of screwball comedy, such as his satirical farces "The Lady Eve" (1941) and "The Palm Beach Story" (1942).
Sturges suffered traumatic brain injury, a dislocated shoulder, fractured wrist and collapsed lung, broken ribs, fractured tibias, spine damage, and third-degree burns.
the GM-then-Chrysler product that was the first neighborhood electric vehicle and remains the most successful one to date, Dan Sturges started Intrago in 2006 to fill a market need for "something that was between a bicycle and a car," as he puts it.
According to The Telegraph, Mary-Nona Sturges, 54, was jailed for four years after being found guilty of forcing student Nabilah Hussain, 21, to hand over at least 3,200 pounds by claiming to have a recording of a row the pair had about the 2005 terrorist attacks in London.
Ramsey, Art Newberry, Ina Maitzman, David Wallanden, Mary Nason Sturges
Preston Sturges was one of the true geniuses of American film--his slim output included six amazing films in four years (1941-44)--yet most of his films are still unavailable on DVD.
Jock Sturges: Notes is more than just a compilation of images, however: Sturges discusses his interactions with the families and individuals he's worked with, and presents both these notes and preliminary sketches in the form of Polaroids and other smaller camera studies leading to the finished image.
Dan Sturges, trained as an automobile designer, a former designer for GM, the founder of a car company (trans2), and an advocate for a systems approach to mobility, is senior program manager, Integrated Transportation Systems, at WestStart-CALSTART (www.
Accountancy and business advisory practice Grant Thornton has appointed Rosie Sturges as Business Development Manager, based in Cardiff.
On their surfaces, ``My Man Godfrey,'' the 1936 William Powell-Carole Lombard film, and ``Sullivan's Travels,'' the 1942 Preston Sturges satire, may seem like little more than screwball comedies.