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a.1.(Zool.) Near the base.
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Moreover, the occupied area of the corneal subbasal nerve in the diabetic + SA group showed a significant increase compared with the diabetic group ( F = 11.
Morphologic alterations of both the stromal and subbasal nerves in the corneas of patients with diabetes.
In subchorial and subbasal departments there were old and fresh bleeding, blood clots, excessive fibrinoid depositions, and small calcifications.
Eyes small in macropterous and brachypterous, never surpassing dorsal or ventral margin of head in lateral view; beginning of postero-ventral series of fore femur distant from the base of the segment; hemelytron with only discal cell or accompanied by a much reduce subbasal cell; hind wings, M shifted to touch Cu directly for a short distance so as to eliminate the m-cu cross vein (Fig.
Forewing ground color white; costal margin smooth, brown; barely falcate at apex; subbasal fascia gray and weakly marked; antemedial fascia light color and broad; medial fascia dark color and rather broad; postmedial fascia dark color, broad and slight excurved in middle; subterminal fascia slender, grayish brown; cilia short, grayish white.
Ademas de la revision de las especies de Frankliniella con un borde subbasal en el pedicelo III bien desarrollado y angular, se incluyen las especies de las regiones del Caribe, America Central y Mexico.
5B): One pair of apical setae, one pair of strongly developed subbasal setae, 2/3 the length of apical setae.
The positivity was located right above the subbasal blister adjacent to nonspecifically stained exudate, and the intercellular stain was strong at the basal and lateral cellular borders, with gradual attenuation towards the apex.
1): Mostly brown, first antennal segment basally white with around 10 white annulations, second segment basally white with one narrow subbasal white annulations, third and fourth segments uniformly brown.
7 mm de ancho, testa foveolada muy hundida, ligeramente reticulada, negra brillante, hilum de 52 [my]m de longitud, ventral a subbasal.
13-15) whitish, with blackish marks on dorsal region of femora; femora bordered with long setae, dorsum of fore femora with a transverse row of setae on submedian region; tibiae with basal and subapical blackish bands, tarsi with subbasal blackish band; tarsal claws with 7-8 marginal anda pair of 1-2 + 1-3 submarginal denticles near apex; distal setae present (Fig.
All remaining carinae of legs unarmed, but occasionally there are teeth on the anteroventral aspect and a subbasal elevation of the posteroventral carina of the meso- and metafemora of female (Fig.