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By default, the calendars are saved in a Calendar subfolder in whatever location the database is saved in.
ECM applications support user-defined metadata at the folder, subfolder, and item level for indexing and descriptive purposes.
After entering to subfolder is possible to add the required E-object.
Tip: start your email session with Unread Mail instead of Inbox and you'll never miss anything, no matter how deep in the subfolder structure your mail has been directed to.
Organise your inbox, folders, subfolder and levels of importance, it can take some getting used to but it is an excellent timesaver so take a few minutes out and you'll be saving time in no time.
This will become the subfolder for all files that will be embedded into a PowerPoint slideshow for viewing purposes.
The same forum post I'd found earlier also solved the subfolder question for me: Reading further down the forum post, I found that the use of a subfolder requires an application instance that must be called out within the URL string, in the form of a "definst" after the "vod/" and before the "/subfolderl" or "/subfolderl/ subfolder2" portion of the URL.
Take the files contained within the resulting ZIP file and place them into a new subfolder within your iPod's Notes folder.
A similar system can be created in Windows Explorer by creating a main folder, subfolders by category, such as "Corporations" or "Individuals," and a separate subfolder for each client.
Users prefer to search through documents in a folder and subfolder structure.
When you arrive at a Web site you want to save, click Favorites > Add to Favorites and select the folder you want to put it in from the drop-down menu next to Create in, or create a new folder for it (or subfolder in the category you've selected) by clicking the New Folder button.