Subic Bay

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Su·bic Bay

An inlet of the South China Sea off west-central Luzon, Philippines, west of Manila Bay. A US naval base established here in 1901 was held by the Japanese from 1942 to 1945. It was turned over to the Philippine government in 1992.
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com)-- Statheon Corporation, a web developing company based in Subic Bay, Philippines recently launched a new ecommerce website designed for Filipino consumers conscious about their health.
The extended contract will see Global Marine providing a newly built depot in Subic Bay, Philippines.
The service plies the ports of Incheon and Kwang Yang, South Korea; Kaohsiung, Taiwan; and Batangas, Manila and Subic Bay, Philippines.
Impeccable is currently en route to Subic Bay, Philippines, for a scheduled port visit where it will debark the rescued fishermen.
In addition to Ponta da Madeira and Tubarao, the Valemax vessels regularly dock in the ports of Taranto, Rotterdam, Sohar, Oita, Kimitsu and Mindanao, and Vale's two floating transfer stations in Subic Bay, Philippines.
In July, five loaded Valemax vessels were headed for its Ore Fabrica transloading facility in Subic Bay, Philippines.
Under the terms of the deal, unveiled in October 2012, the buyer acquired Tong Lung's manufacturing plant in Subic Bay, Philippines and sales, research and development and engineering operations for tooling and new product development in Taiwan.
The boxers, who competed at the Asian Youth Championships in Subic Bay, Philippines, last month, were not allowed to play under the national flag.
Keel problems forced the fleet to make an unscheduled seven week stop in Subic Bay, Philippines, in March/April while experts flew in to substantially strengthen the keel-hull areas.
Another Clipper is relaunched' Glasgow and Qingdao Clippers are relaunched in Subic Bay, Philippines
Two American ships, amphibious assault vessel USS Essex and dock landing ship USS Harpers Ferry prepare to get under way from Subic Bay, Philippines, to join the relief operation on the island of Leyte.
The Liverpool 08 Clipper arrived in Subic Bay, Philippines, yesterday, with the rest of the fleet arriving today.