Subjective color

a false or spurious color seen in some instances, owing to the persistence of the luminous impression upon the retina, and a gradual change of its character, as where a wheel perfectly white, and with a circumference regularly subdivided, is made to revolve rapidly over a dark object, the teeth of the wheel appear to the eye of different shades of color varying with the rapidity of rotation. See Accidental colors, under Accidental.

See also: Color

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Communication between color buyers and vendors is improved by relying less on subjective color perception and by transmitting color information electronically instead of transporting color chips.
As a painter who is advancing on the sheer force of ecstatic imagination, ideation, and subjective color, Dana Schutz just might be our finest contemporary symbolist.
Topics include an introduction to spatio-chromatic interactions, neural adjustments to chromatic blur, color contrast influences in perceiving shape, Fechner-Benham subjective colors and McCollough effects, cone contrast computations, surface interpolation, lightness and illumination in terms of gradients, a neural model of surface perception, and two contributions on the watercolor illusion.