n.1.An under or assistant librarian.
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Hindman's letter lists four other items enclosed with the manuscript, of which the oldest is a letter dated July 3, 1922, from the librarian at the Bodleian (signed by S[trickland] Gibson, Sublibrarian, who authored Early Oxford Bindings in 1904) addressed to Mr.
Her date of the sixteenth century matches that assigned by Bodleian Sublibrarian Strickland Gibson in 1922, who said in his letter accompanying the manuscript: "The binding of the Brut is of a most uncommon type.
Al' deneb's Binary Classification Stevens said that during the course of developing "research" for this history of library technology, workers at The Molesworth Institute had serendipitously uncovered a classification system devised by a sublibrarian, one "Al' deneb'," in the library at Bengazi about 1175 A.