a.1.Situated underneath a muscle or muscles.
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2],[25] The effective surgical treatment for nerve entrapment is timely decompression, involving several controversial approaches typically involving one of the following: in situ decompression (open or endoscopic), medial epicondylectomy, or anterior transposition (subcutaneous, submuscular, or intramuscular).
Early experience with high thoracic epidural anesthesia in outpatient submuscular breast augmentation.
In very cachectic patients the IPG can be implanted in the submuscular plane to prevent skin breakdown over the device.
Next, the implant was repositioned into the submuscular pocket and adequate coverage was achieved through flap translation.
Many types of procedure have been quoted since the late 19th century but some current examples are: interdigital nerve excision with intermetatarsal ligament division--with or without submuscular transposition, isolated intermetatarsal ligament division or isolated interdigital nerve excision (Thompson et al 2001, Thompson et al 2004, and Singh et al 2005).
The metaphysis of the proximal tibia can often be exposed in a minimal fashion, with plate application above the periosteum in the submuscular plane.
Additionally, a peer reviewed study titled Reservoir Alternate Surgical Implantation Technique: Preliminary Outcomes of Initial PROPPER Study of Low Profile or Spherical Reservoir Implantation in Submuscular Location or Traditional Prevesical Space authored by Edward Karpman, et al, was published in the Journal of Urology in January 2015.
Sublay repair of incisional herniasplacing mesh in the submuscular plane is highly effective with a low recurrence rate and acceptable complication rates.
The risk of capsular contracture, however, is lower when the breast implant is placed in the submuscular position.
According to their position, bursae are classified as subcutaneous, subfascial, subligamentous, submuscular and subtendineous bursae (Ottaway and Worden, 1940).
Prevelance of nodal metastases in the submuscular recess (level IIb) during selective neck dissection.
Notamos que em relacao ao tipo de cirurgia reconstrutora empregada tambem foram observados efeitos positivos na imagem corporal, a longo prazo, em grupos de mulheres que fizeram a reconstrucao mamaria com implante de um extensor anatomico submuscular e grupos com implante submuscular acompanhado do retalho do musculo grande dorsal (19).