n.1.A purchaser who buys from a purchaser; one who buys at second hand.
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Receipt by the buyer" includes received by the buyer's designated representative, the subpurchaser, when shipment is made direct to him and the buyer himself never receives the goods.
173) Similarly, the lex mercatoria norm allowing for interest to be charged under the head of damages on an unpaid account, (174) as well as the norm stating that an unpaid vendor has a lien on the goods sold against the original buyer, even if that good has been passed to a subpurchaser, (175) serve primarily to ensure that liability for the good sold remained with the purchaser and not the seller.
Furthermore, even if another court finds the definition of "receipt" under the UCC persuasive, the UCC supplements "receipt" by providing for a situation where physical possession is accomplished through receipt by a buyer's representative or subpurchaser.