a.1.Moderately saline or salt.
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Moreover, three studies conducted in La Pampa showed changes in limnological parameters and zooplankton traits during the filling or drying phases of temporary, subsaline and saline lakes, (Echaniz & Vignatti, 2010; Vignatti et al.
One of the previously studies lakes, El Guanaco, was subsaline, had a wide vegetation cover, showed a high biological richness (35 taxa), and hosted a species assemblage very different from that recorded in Ojo de Agua Uriburu, with rotifer predominance until complete drying (Echaniz & Vignatti, 2010).
Limnological studies of Lake Sarmiento (Chile): a subsaline lake from Chilean Patagonia.
subulatus, create impressive dense grasslands on subsaline soils saturated with surface or underground water and have usually been assigned to the Juncetea maritimi.
Finally, three Carex divisa-Carex distans dominated releves (Table 7) from subsaline grasslands of the Atalanti wetland should be probably assigned to the Juncetea maritimi (e.
breadth of 3 or 4, and area of about 45 square miles; its elevation is 15,200 feet, and its water subsaline.
It must be noted that the first of these lakes is highly charged with salt, and the other two subsaline.
Marginal facies belt along the coastline (tidal flats, hypersaline, and subsaline areas)