n.1.(Chem.) A nonacid compound consisting of one equivalent of sulphur and more than one equivalent of some other body, as a metal.
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50] in rats for the less soluble nickel oxide and subsulphide were > 3,600 mg Ni/kg b wt, whereas the oral [LD.
In contrast, the severity of inflammatory and proliferative lesions following chronic exposure was greater in rats exposed to nickel subsulphide or nickel oxide, as compared to nickel sulphate.
Gene mutation frequency was not affected in transgenic mouse and rat respiratory tissue following inhalation exposure to nickel subsulphide (84).
3]) and nickel subsulphide ([greater than or equal to]1.
Chronic exposure to nickel subsulphide resulted in significant increases in lung tumours in two rat studies.
In acute exposure, however, chronic lung inflammation was observed at the lowest concentrations of nickel sulphate and nickel subsulphide (118).
Immunopathologic effects of nickel subsulphide on the primate pulmonary immune system.
NTP technical report on the toxicology and carcinogenesis studies of nickel subsulphide (CAS No.