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Noun1.substring - a string that is part of a longer string
string - a linear sequence of symbols (characters or words or phrases)
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A splendid example is a result of Haines (or, in fact, that of Higman) stating that the upper closure of any language under the relation of being a sparse subword is regular, see e.
4) uses the recent connection [CLS13] between the theory of cluster algebras of finite type and the theory of subword complexes, initiated by A.
Rozenberg, "On the subword complexity of square-free DOL languages", Theoret.
If s contains at least one occurrence of t, then we can replace its subword (t, .
1 for finite Coxeter groups, by investigating increasing flip posets of certain subword complexes, see [11].
For a divisor p of n, by p-block we mean a subword of the form
10)) that this means that x [less than or equal to] y if and only if for one reduced word of y (equivalently for all) there exists a subword that is a reduced word of x.
Subword complexes on Coxeter groups were defined and studied by A.
GAMMA]] having length k and n respectively, we say that Q contains (an occurrence of) the pattern P whenever P occurs as a subword of Q.
A few other words could be played if legitimate support could be found for an embedded subword needed for setup: benzenehexacarboxylic, dimethylanilinenoxide, and phosphoramidatehexose.
Rabiner, "Word recognition using whole word and subword models," in Proc.
Enriching Word Vectors with Subword Information" Facebook AI Research Paper, 2016.