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Noun1.substring - a string that is part of a longer string
string - a linear sequence of symbols (characters or words or phrases)
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In fact, our results here apply to a more general situation, namely to generalized subword order (see, for example, [MS12, SV06]) where the underlying poset is a rooted forest.
After setting out the basic tools of the book, he covers preliminary results, subword and non-subword statistics, avoidance of patterns, multi-restrictions, asymptotics and random set partition, gray codes and loopless algorithms, and normal ordering.
A subword of a word is a sequence of at least 2 letters obtainable by removing (possibly zero) letters from the beginning and end; it is proper if at least one letter is removed.
Moreover, the emergence of subword pause units appears to be linked to a morphological innovation in Dalabon which has had important phonological consequences: the extension of a codal glottal stop following pronominal prefixes to become the unmarked TAM value, signaling assertativity, rather than the marked type that it is in BGW, where it is confined to the much rarer "immediate" aspect (cf.
Let us recall that a word is a finite sequence of letters and that a word u is a subword of a word w if u can be obtained from w by erasing some letters of w.
HMM can capture the statistical characteristics of word and subword units among different speakers even in large vocabulary and thus is generally better than DTW in speaker independent large vocabulary speech recognition.
Gunn took extraordinary pains to preserve Wang Wenhsing's style at the paragraph and sentence level and to provide analogous word-and subword (typographical) play in our alphabet.
l] is cyclically decreasing if no number is repeated and j - 1j does not occur as a subword for any j [member of] [n] (all indices are taken mod n).
For purposes of this continuing tutoring, these subword correspondences were reviewed in three blocks, which alternated across lessons for four reviews of each.
Shift a subword in S(W, c) one position to the left to obtain a subword of [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (the leftmost letter s is sent to the rightmost letter [bar.
i)] be the subword of g(P) consisting of symbols in the set {i, i - 1, i - 2, .
is said to be a subword of w if there exist a subset I of [n] such that u = [w.