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Suf·folk 1

1. A historical region of eastern England bordering on the North Sea. Settled in prehistoric times, it was part of the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of East Anglia. Its name means the "southern people," as opposed to the "northern people" of Norfolk.
2. (also -ôk′) An independent city of southeast Virginia southeast of Portsmouth, it was burned by the British in 1779 and occupied by Union forces in 1862.

Suf·folk 2

1. Any of a breed of hornless sheep developed in England, having a black face and legs and raised primarily for meat.
2. Any of a breed of draft horses developed in England, having a chestnut coat and short legs.

[After Suffolk, a county of eastern England.]


(Placename) a county of SE England, on the North Sea: its coast is flat and marshy, indented by broad tidal estuaries. Administrative centre: Ipswich. Pop: 678 100 (2003 est). Area: 3800 sq km (1467 sq miles)


(Breeds) a black-faced breed of sheep


(ˈsʌf ək)

1. a county in E England. 661,900; 1470 sq. mi. (3805 sq. km).
2. a city in SE Virginia. 52,141.
3. one of an English breed of sheep having a black face and legs.
4. one of an English breed of chestnut draft horses having a deep body and short legs.


A large workhorse developed in England, presumably from black and dun stocks that were being imported into Great Britain by the eleventh century.
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