sugar shack

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sug′ar shack`

n. Canadian.
sugar house.
cabane à sucreérablière
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Brown says the location of the show as well as the name changed over the years, and has ranged from The Brown Suga' Experience, The Sugar Shack, to finally The Brown Sugar Show.
Recently, he joined Sugar Shack Donuts & Coffee as a co-owner and corporate chief financial officer.
Next day, after shaking off a hangover, we were off to a sugar shack for more hearty food.
You can lounge in deluxe family loungers, build sandcastles, grab an ice cream from the Sugar Shack or catch the train down to the waterpark where there are lagoons, waterfalls, waterslides and a log flume.
We have a house on-site to host customers, not to mention a sugar shack on our property," said Kingsley.
Other key outcomes will include partnered management arrangements with Traditional Owners for the management of the Sugar Shack Wetland Complex, returning this complex of permanent and intermittent wetlands and creeks to the way they were for the ancestors of todays Traditional Owners.
Authors Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarborough offer up 60 twists on classic recipes in four sections: Deck (with recipes such as the Bananas Foster Freeze); Lounge (including a Frozen Aperol Spritz); Hearth (with the Bourbon Sugar Shack Shake); and Tailgate (featuring a Cherry Lime Ricky-Rita and many more).
A luncheon was held following the ceremony at a nearby sugar shack.
Picasso's area providers include several farms, a dairy and Hardwick Sugar Shack, whose maple syrup is close at hand.
Very often, plastic tubing, shaded blue, crisscrosses from tree to tree down to a collection point--sometimes the sugar shack, sometimes barrels (of metal or blue plastic), or reused stainless steel milk house tanks.