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 (so͝ok′ə-mē, so͝oKH′-)


(Russian suˈxumi)
(Placename) a port and resort in W Georgia, on the Black Sea: site of an ancient Greek colony. Pop: 134 000 (2005 est)


(sʊˈku mi, ˈsu kə-)

the capital of Abkhazia, in the NW Georgian Republic, on the Black Sea. 122,000.
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The company which makes alcoholic drinks like Joy Dadi Bitters, herbal creams and medicated soap with herbal base, offers jobs for over 300 residents of the farming communities between Koforidua and Suhum in the Eastern Region.
I discovered that the drivers liked to do this "free-wheeling" to preserve petrol, so that whenever they went to fill up at the CR transport station at Suhum they could siphon an extra 4 gallons into a jerry can, and flog it secretly to drivers with whom they had an "arrangement".
My father travelled a lot to buy supplies for his shop, and so he knew almost every driver who plied the routes between Suhum and Koforidua as well as Nsawam and Kumase, One of his best friends was a driver who lived at Kyebi and whom we kids called "Papa 'Sei" (for Osei).
Most recently, the CSR move of the company has benefited Suhum Technical, which is celebrating its 50th Anniversary, with a package of GHAo 5,000.