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Noun1.suicide bombing - a terrorist bombing carried out by someone who does not hope to survive it
bombing - the use of bombs for sabotage; a tactic frequently used by terrorists
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ISLAMABAD: In October last year, Army chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa travelled to Kabul and agreed that Pakistan would seek a 'fatwa' or religious decree from its religious scholars against suicide bombings inside Afghanistan, however, according to a report by a private media outlet, it was not just Pakistan that agreed to seeking the fatwa, itwas a 'mutual commitment', meaning that both the sides would seek a fatwa from their respective religious scholars against suicide bombings.
Summary: Baghdad [Iraq], January 15 (ANI): At least 16 people were reportedly killed and several others injured in twin suicide bombings in Iraq's capital Baghdad on Monday.
Azhar Iqbal Memon said that Pakistan has witnessed a series of suicide bombings in recent years.
Several suicide bombings took place in a number of countries over recent months, with the Islamic State (IS) terrorist organization declaring responsibility for most of the attacks.
It is mentioned that the leadership has announced today that a number of people were killed and wounded in two suicide bombings in Baya area southwest of Baghdad and new Baghdad area east of Baghdad.
Four suicide bombers struck the northeastern village of Al-Qaa Monday night, wounding 13 people, 18 hours after four suicide bombings had killed five people and wounded 19 others in the same village, security and military sources said.
A series of coordinated explosions including suicide bombings rocked Syria's Tartous and Jableh cities on Monday, killing at least 80 people and wounding 200 others.
But Baghdad analysts say the group has long staged indiscriminate suicide bombings and see these attacks as a continuation of that tactic.
There was no immediate claim of responsibility, but the Islamic State group has been waging a campaign of suicide bombings in and around the capital as Iraqi forces and their allies battle the militants in the north and west of the country.
Two personnel of the Border Police Force also lost their lives in the suicide bombings and firefight, the police spokesman said, adding that at least two blasts, presumably suicide bombings rocked the area.
Turkey has faced multiple suicide bombings in the past few months.
Militants from Boko Haram were blamed for suicide bombings on Sunday night at a crowded mosque and an upmarket Muslim restaurant in the central city of Jos, a suicide bombing at an evangelical Christian church in the north-eastern city of Potiskum, and attacks in several north-eastern villages where dozens of churches and about 300 homes were torched.