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Noun1.Suillus - a genus of fungi belonging to the family BoletaceaeSuillus - a genus of fungi belonging to the family Boletaceae
fungus genus - includes lichen genera
Boletaceae, family Boletaceae - family of fleshy fungi having the germ pores easily separating from the cup and often from each other
Suillus albivelatus - a short squat edible fungus with a reddish brown cap and white stalk; fruits under pines in the spring
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Segundo estes autores, alguns exemplos de fungos ectomicorrizicos incluem varias especies dos generos Suillus, Lacearia, Scleroderma, Hebeloma e Pisolithus.
Pseudechiniscus suillus is considered a cosmopolitan species.
All mushrooms cached in trees (including outside the focal squirrel territory) were 1 of 2 epigeous fungi species: Suillus grevillei (Larch Bolete, Fig.
1997): "Identifying the collector: evidence for human processing of the Cape Dune mole-rat, Bathyergus suillus, from Blombos Cave, Southern Cape, South Africa", Journal of Archaeological Science, 24, pp.
Phylogenetic and biogeographic relationships of eastern Asian and eastern north American disjunct Suillus species (Fungi) as inferred from nuclear ribosomal RNA ITS sequences.
Suillus (Boletales; Basidiomycota) is an ectomycorrhizal genus generally associated with Pinaceae.
Zinc tolerant strains of Suillus bovinus (jersey cow mushroom) developed resistance in Pinus sylvestris (pine).
Suillus acidus (Peck) Singer; BP, C, M, T (Gandara 26)
De los 22 generos encontrados, los mejor representados fueron Amanita (siete especies), Russula (seis), Lactarius (cinco), Boletus, Suillus y Tricholoma con cuatro especies cada uno, los demas generos estuvieron representados con menos de cuatro especies (Tabla 1).
Bending and Read (1995) were able to show mobilization of N from patches of organic material from the fermentation horizon of a pine forest soil by mycelia of the ectomycorrhizal fungus Suillus bovinus.
Crecimiento micelial de hongos de los generos Inocybe y Suillus en diferentes medios de cultivo.
There is no mistaking hen-of-the-woods, chicken-of-the-woods, morels, chanterelles, Boletus edulis, shaggy mane, purple-spored puffball and Suillus pictus.