Suit service

(Feudal Law) See Suit and service, above.

See also: Suit

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One Good Turn charity at Lockwood launches its free suit service.
com HIGH & Mighty, the brand for the taller and larger man, is now offering a made-to-measure suit service allowing you to create and personalise a suit that is bespoke to your size and style.
We build equipment to meet the customer's requirements with air or electric drive specifications to suit operating conditions; horsepower to suit service conditions; dimensional design to suit operating conditions or existing tank.
A step up in distance is likely to suit Service Star-he was going on really well at the end of this race.
1% over the year and the group hailed the success of its burgeoning bespoke suit service.
The retailer has introduced the cool AR Red range, aimed at the 30-plus "urban male," but I have popped in to road test the company's made-to-measure suit service.
s line of mixing equipment offers many features including air drive, electric drive, AC or DC with electrical specifications to suit operating conditions, single or variable speed with horsepower to suit service conditions and dimensional design to suit batch size or existing tank.
Airbus has also been promoting a "regional" variant of its A330 widebody aircraft, which it says will suit services between high-demand slot-restricted airports in countries like China.