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 (thī′ôl′, -ōl′, -ŏl′)
A sulfur-containing organic compound with the general formula RSH where R is any hydrocarbon group. Also called mercaptan.


(Elements & Compounds) any of a class of sulphur-containing organic compounds with the formula RSH, where R is an organic group. Also called (not in technical usage): mercaptan


(mərˈkæp tæn)

any of a class of odiferous sulfur-containing compounds having the type formula RSH, where R represents a radical.
Also called thiol.
[< German (1834), shortening of Latin phrase corpus mercurium captāns body capturing quicksilver]
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In the HLAB27, the cysteine sulfhydryl group in position 67 may be oxidized in some tissues, which leads to structural changes in the peptide binding cleft.
Protein carbonyl, free and total sulfhydryl group content of SPI heated with different soybean oil contents at 100[degrees]C (nmol/mg protein) Items (1) Time (h) 0 1 2 4 8 Protein carbonyl SPI 7.
4) Glutathione S-transferase is part of a major detoxification system which catalyzes the binding of many toxins from the bloodstream to the sulfhydryl group of glutathione.
FRAP assay measures mainly the antioxidant capacity of water soluble antioxidants (Uric acid, vit C, bilirubin) and to a lesser extent that of hydrophobic components (vit E) and sulfhydryl group of proteins.
Serum myeloperoxidase activity, sulfhydryl group levels, lipid hydroperoxide levels and catalase activity were determined.
Paraoxonase active site required for protection against LDL oxidation involves its free sulfhydryl group and is different from that required for its arylesterase/paraoxonase activities.
This loss occurs because the copper can bind with the sulfhydryl group of thiols and form copper sulfate, which will settle out.
Structure of papain composed of a single polypeptide chain having 3 disulfide bridges and papain enzymatic activity can be determined through sulfhydryl group.
This sharp decrease in GSH could be explained by a reaction/direct connection fungicide with glutathione, indeed the carboxyl groups of glutathione (amine group, sulfhydryl group (-GH) and two peptides) are combined with the fungicide [13].
Toxic metals like cadmium, mercury have high affinity for sulfhydryl group thus SH group of GSH binds directly to these toxic heavy metals.
This BODIPY was linked to the sulfhydryl group of a cysteine that was already linked to a dark quencher and folic acid.
It is important to mention that water systems can be extensively contaminated with heavy metals released from domestic and industrial activities as well as other anthropogenic actions, which reach high toxicity rates and are efficiently absorbed through biological membranes due to its high chemical affinity by the sulfhydryl group of proteins.